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Your mind doesn´t want you to be happy

How can this be possible???

YES. Today I leave you with this fact that is not a small thing. And a neuropsychologist explained it to me very clearly:

Your brain is designed to make you survive, not to make you happy. It wants at all price that you stay in the «safe» place, it wants at all price that you keep the habits that in one way or another have maintained you alive and well, it wants at all price that your reality stays as similar as possible, because bad or good, with little joy or much, with little or much fulfillment, this reality has kept you on this earth and that’s what your brain really wants.

I loved how her explained it to me: If a pre-historic man stood in astonishment for a long time appreciating the beauty of a flower, probably a big bear would catch him by surprise and so he would be eaten. The brain could not afford to allow itself these moments of delight, everything had to perpetuate survival. And that’s where we come from! But now we don’t fear a big bear, our current big bears are «ruin» «failure» «loneliness» «illness» «rejection» and so on.

Why is it useful this information I give you now? To make you realize that every time you want to generate a transformation in your life, driven by the desire to be happier, your beloved brain will do its best to keep you where you are. It will do its best to make you spend the least amount of energy, procrastinate and not generate big changes, because those new places are DANGER! THEY ARE UNKNOWN, THEY ARE NOT SAFE, WE DO NOT KNOW IF YOU WILL SURVIVE THERE.

That’s why little big soul, your transformations must be driven by another force, by another great parallel brain that you have in you, which one? your guts! Your irrational mind, your inner crazy person. That’s the part of you that trusts, takes risks, surrenders to the unknown and mystery. That part of you not only wants you to survive, not only wants you to breathe oxygen and release carbon dioxide skillfully, but that part of you knows that you deserve to be happy.

Answer this question now:

Are you listening to your guts?

Write on a piece of paper: What are they telling you today? and stick that piece of paper in your brain, let it know that its greatest talents (which are not few, let’s not underestimate it) are wonderful, but only when they are at the service of that treasure written on the paper.