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Sorry but you are too old

Something like that ( in kinder words) was what I heard from my dance teacher when I was 17 years old, when I told her that I wanted to dedicate myself to dance. Me, a tender 17 years old teenager… was very old.

The funniest part is that at 23 years old, already graduated as an architect, I decided to return to dance. In less than a year I was starting to dance professionally in a company and two years later I was teaching dance classes in an academy. Me, a 23 year old woman (6 years older) was able to fulfill the dream of dancing on stage, being a soloist in a major theater, getting paid for doing what I loved most in life and being able to share what I had learned with other people.But, listen… at 17 years, I was already very old!

Today I want to share this story with you, but not to make you understand that at 17 or 23 you still have time to fulfill your dreams. NO. I share it because at 23, 45, 72 and 90 you still have time to fulfill your dreams.

What the 23 years old me would say if she could have spoken to 17 year old version of Anami? She would have laughed at the teacher, and she would have told me… come on! you fool! Study what you love most now, don’t waste your time.

Ever since this happened to me, whenever I feel like «I’m too old for something» I ask myself the following question:

What the 10 years older me would say about that thing I want to do today?

What the 10 years older you would say about that idea you have of dedicating yourself to what you truly desire? What would the 30 year older woman say if you are 20? What would the 50 year older man say if you are 40? What would the 70 year older woman say if you are 60?

She would say go for it! The time is now, Late for what? Late to whom?

¡Start now... don't waste more time!