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Do you know your body power?

Today I feel like asking you a question:

Do you know the power that is within your body?

And by power I don’t mean your body’s innate ability to move through the world, to do the tasks it is asked to do, to lie down when you want to lie down and to stand up when you want to stand up. No. By power I mean your body’s ability to allow you to create profound transformations beyond a physical level, but to a personal and a collective level.

In all cultures, from ancient to modern ones, dance has played an important role in people’s lives, but among these countless cultures there are only a few that have really known the mysteries of the body and have consciously moved their energy to generate great transformations.

Did you know that you can achieve this thing with your body?

  • Release memories of pain, frustration, fear etc.
  • Release ancestral burdens
  • Release limiting beliefs to open space for empowering beliefs.
  • Return to energetic center/balance
  • Attract the energy you are currently lacking (i.e. attract courage, strength, perseverance, focus etc.)
  • Raise your energy
  • Create new realities in your life
  • Empower you in every area you set your mind to.

Check this list and ask yourself:

How many of these powers are you activating with your body?

Do you know techniques to do it?

How much are you using the most powerful tool you have at hand to find more happiness in your life?

If you want to know a little more about this topic you can see my live about THE POWER OF DANCE (content for spanish speakers). And stay tuned to everything we release in Movimiento del Viento about the power of your body in movement.

May your body be the key to a portal full of miracles.